Within chaos magic is found


We’ve learnt different reasons to adore the moon.
There are these dark spots on the moon we’ve all literally and figuratively tried giving meaning to.
In China these dark spots are understood to be the dark shadows and are called “the toad in the moon”.
These dark spots are also considered as lava beds termed as “Maria” which in Latin means the sea.
There is certainly a very confirmed answer to these dark spots. For me however, I best understand is that how plane it would make the moon, doesn’t seem like a thing of beauty to me then.
It wasn’t ever that I saw the moon like plain white big ball as a child and grew up and learnt that it had dark shadows on it. It has always been the same.
Instead it looks more aesthetically pleasing to me when I see how ravishing it looks proudly bearing the dark shadows.
Nothing hides it, nothing needs to.